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Accepted and Prohibited Materials

Kimbriki accepts a wide range of materials for disposal and recycling.

Kimbriki is licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) to accept only certain types of waste. Fines apply for prohibited materials brought onto site for disposal.

Accepted Materials Prohibited Materials
Waste Type* Disposal Area The following materials CANNOT be brought to Kimbriki
Inert mixed (non putrescible) waste Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
  • Food
  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Nappies
  • Animal waste
  • Dead animals
  • Stable waste
  • Liquids
  • Hazardous waste
  • Gas cylinders ^
  • Car bodies * (from 1 March 2017)

* Due to change in the NSW scrap metal legislation, car bodies will no longer be accepted at Kimbriki.

^ Gas cylinders are prohibited from being disposed of at Kimbriki. Please follow our listing of waste and gas facilities that are able to collect cylinders for safe disposal.

LPG gas cylinders and fire extinguishers
SUEZ Australia provide this service: Only LPG, Halon (yellow fire extinguishers), and fire extinguishers can be accepted. Two cylinders up to 9kg each per day are accepted. Fees apply to gas cylinders.

The nearest SUEZ waste centre is at Crozier Road, off Forest Way, Belrose. SUEZ information line 1300 651 116 or

Domestic gas bottles and fire extinguishers may be accepted in the OEH (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage) chemicals collections. Call 131 555.

LPG gas cylinder testing
Gameco, Auburn – phone 9648 5856, charges apply.

Other gas cylinders
Gas cylinders identified with BOC or CIG markings can be delivered to BOC Gas and Gear 40 Orchard Rd, Brookvale, phone 9939 1000.

Gas cylinders with either Linde, Linde Gas or Coregas stamped into the solder remain the property of Linde Gas/Coregas so please return to Welders’ Suppliers and Services, 19 Ada Ave, Brookvale, phone 9907 4181.

Air Liquide –
Diving tanks should be returned to manufacturers via dive shops or re-fillers.

Junk Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Furniture Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Mattresses Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Asbestos (wrapped 20kg parcels) Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Conditions Apply
Insulation Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Conditions Apply
VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Conditions Apply
Computers & TVs
Zone 4 - Computers & TV
Conditions Apply
Metals (No car bodies) Zone 7 - Mixed Waste
Vegetation Zone 3 - Vegetation 
(Australian Native Landscapes)
Wood Waste Zone 3 - Vegetation (ANL)
or Zone 7 - Mixed Waste (see staff onsite)
Household Recyclables Zone 1B
Vehicle Batteries Zone 1A
Car Tyres Zone 7 - Mixed Waste 
Conditions Apply
Toys, charity clothing Zones 1A and 1B
Motor Oil Zone 1A
Conditions Apply
*Note: Charges may apply for the disposal of waste and recyclable materials